• Reading of the input file from AWS S3
  • Splitting the large input file into smaller files, processing it, saving the data into a database
  • Writing the output file to AWS S3


Just by using AWS services like CodeBuild and CodePipeline.


Wait… What?

  • You need to turn off the regression tests in the nightly build because it never completes
  • You check-in a piece of code, and it takes days and sometimes weeks to conduct the testing before it gets deployed to production
Article interest

What is the AWS Lambda extension?

  • Internal extensions → Run as part of the runtime process, in-process with your code. Internal extensions enable use cases such as automatically instrumenting code.
  • External extensions → Allow you to run separate processes from the runtime but still within the same execution environment as the Lambda function. External extensions can start before the runtime process and can continue after the runtime…

What is

People who use them

Purpose of this post

Defining health checks

  1. A health check response should not just contain the application server’s health; it should also provide the health of the subsystems that the application…

Problem statement

  • Ability to register and sign in to the application
  • Present the problem (questions)
  • Provide an interface for the end-users to write, compile and execute code.


No! new technology or additional compute resources

Problem statement

  • Cache replication
  • Stale caches


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